Sorry  Our WebSite Service Is Still Temporarily Unavailable..


Dear All Visitors,

We are currently undergoing a full redesign of the Treble Clef Djs  Website,
As a result, we have temporarily disabled access from outside until we are confident that the website is fully completed.

A Progress Update as of    
Saturday, 30th. January 2016

We have completed Nearly all of the website (wordpress soon) and with analysis of the entire TREBLE CLEF Dj system. We are now also putting additional security measures in place with new details, artwork, and restoring any lost or corrupt data from our weekly backups to make the whole site enjoyable for all.

We expect the rest of this process to run relatively quickly (crossing fingers) and, assuming all goes smoothly, we feel confident that the website will be back (hopefully) in operation real soon.   We have some pages up and working and will link these real soon, some are actually listed above on the banner shown ^
above you all... (its not a small job when your working on other sites as well)

We would now like to take this opportunity to thank our TREBLE CLEF Dj members and Clients for the emails that we have received letting us know of your support and well wishes for the website rebuild.  We know this has been difficult for you,  but we appreciate your kind patience and understanding, especially through this difficult time.

We have always known that TREBLE CLEF was something special, but this has really shown us how amazing our TREBLE CLEF friends really are. You have made a very difficult task much easier to bear.

Thank you for your understanding, we are working as fast as we can.

You could have had a Quick Look at the New online INDEX to come soon... But its offline for now Sorry

DjDennis, and the gang,
Treble Clef - Mobile Dj Entertainment

In the meantime, we are here to answer your questions, but please limit email inquiries for more important
concerns, as we are handling a lot of email these days!.

To contact us, please use the following address:     

remember any Spam received and it will be DELETED..

Thank you for your understanding, and thanks for all the support we are receiving... it means a lot to us.

Drop over at Nightcruiser and see what's happening there  -


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